Dearest Life with Cancer Community Members,

We have missed you…but that’s about to change!

Life with Cancer is moving on-line!

Currently, we have moved about 50 classes to a virtual format (with more to be added) so please check out our Class Registration page at and explore! All classes and programs will be offered through Zoom Pro which is HIPAA compliant. Zoom invitations will be sent through Outlook BCC to protect the privacy of your email. When you sign-in to Zoom to accept your first class and group invitation, you will have the option of identifying yourself with your first name only. NONE of the programs will be recorded.

In addition, Life with Cancer will continue to offer individual video or phone educational consults by our Oncology Nurse Navigators, nutrition consults by our Oncology Certified Dietitians, counseling sessions by our licensed Oncology Clinical Therapists, and fitness consults by our Cancer Certified Fitness Trainer. You can request a consult through the Contact Us tab at or call the Life with Cancer Connect Line at 703.206.5433. As always, Life with Cancer programming is free of charge.

Explore the many ways that Life with Cancer can make your day-to-day life easier and help you connect with a community of people who face many of the same challenges you do.

From all of us, at Life with Cancer.