Alexandra Pannell, MS

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Alex Pannell joined Life with Cancer in December of 2022 as a Senior Administrative Coordinator. She has over ten years of professional experience, including a healthcare administrative support background. In her previous roles, Alex coordinated prostate cancer patient appointments specific to their treatment plans while addressing the potential barriers when serving patients with various needed resources. She also worked with healthcare professionals in the cancer clinic to develop protocols, processes, and program materials. Alex is a pre-medical school student with a bachelor’s in biology with a concentration in biopsychology, and a master’s in biology with a concentration in translational and clinical research from George Mason University. Her mission is to combine her professional endeavors, clinical experience, and medical school teachings to become a physician adept at handling sensitive situations with patients without compromising the humanistic and personalized care they and their families deserve. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her significant other and their dogs, working out, reading manga (Japanese comics), and binge-watching the latest anime series.