Teens with Cancer in the Family

Teens with a Parent or Loved One with Cancer

teens_affected_by_cancerIf you are a teen whose parent or other loved one has cancer, you may be wondering how you can help out more at home and still keep up with friends, activities, and school. Or you may be wondering how to manage the feelings you are experiencing or changes happening in the family. You might be thinking this:

  • What’s going to happen to Dad?
  • Are my parents telling me everything?
  • How is this going to affect my life?
  • I just want us to be normal.
  • How can I help?

If you are a parent who has cancer or there is another person in your teen’s life who has cancer, you may be asking yourself this:

  • As a parent, how do I tell my teen that I have cancer?
  • What behavior should I watch for?
  • What’s the best way to support my teen?
  • How can I help my teen feel comfortable asking questions?
  • How can I keep a normal life for my teen and still ask for his or her help?
Contact us to help you sort through some of these questions and more, at no cost.

How We Can Help

Life with Cancer can help teens and their parents manage emotions—and can suggest ways for your family to talk about cancer and the changes that you and your family may be experiencing.

Counseling & Support

Individual and family counseling is available for parents, a child or teen with cancer, siblings, and any other significant person in the patient’s life. Connect with us—at no charge:

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Other programs for parents include classes on stress management, mindfulness, art therapy, fitness, and nutrition that can nurture resilience. Contact us.

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Life With Cancer Tips


  • A Mom of Many Hats, by Debbie Fink and Lisa Perea Hane
  • My Parent Has Cancer and it Really Sucks. Real-Life Advice From Real-Life Teens, by Marc Silver and Maya Silver
  • Through My Eyes. A Journal for Teens, by Linda Kranz

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