Cat Cow Pose

Cat/Cow Pose

This is such a relaxing and releasing combination of postures if done properly. Keep your eyes closed to focus on connecting each movement to your breath.

  • Cat Cow Yoga Pose

    Come onto all fours with your hands below shoulders and your knees below your hip bones, keeping your back straight in a neutral position.

  • Inhale, lower your belly, draw your shoulder blades together and peel open your chest, lifting your gaze to find Cow Pose. Exhale, press against your palms, round into your back body as you draw your shoulder blades apart from each other, gazing toward your navel to find Cat Pose. Continue these movements following your breath.
  • Feel the arching movement up and down throughout your back while inhaling and exhaling with the rhythm of the movement.
  • Move slowly to feel the movement of each vertebra of your spine.

If you’re having problems getting to the floor, or, being on your knees, the pose can be done while seated in a chair.