Children and Teens with Cancer

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Having a child or teen diagnosed with cancer can be devastating to a family. Parents may wrestle with how to understand disease and treatment, make decisions, and move forward, all while trying to protect their child. Children may feel confused or struggle to adjust to treatment and all the new healthcare team members. Teenagers may find it difficult to balance the need to be independent with the need for support.

When facing a childhood cancer diagnosis, we are here to support you—all at no cost!

How We Can Help

Whether your child or teenager is newly diagnosed, in treatment, or has transitioned to survivorship, we are here to support your family! We can help with things such as understanding disease and treatment, navigating family dynamics, understanding your child’s behaviors, and managing the many emotions and feelings that children and teens, parents, and other family members often experience.

Here are some of the many resources we have to offer:

Individual Therapy

We offer individual and/or art therapy to children and teens with cancer and their parents, siblings, and other loved ones by licensed therapists in the outpatient setting and via telemedicine*, regardless of where the child or teen is receiving cancer treatment. Our licensed therapists provide evidence-based interventions to help with adjustment, anxiety, mood and behavior changes, grief and loss, and more.

Art therapy uses a combination of counseling and the process of art making to promote self-expression and foster healing for all ages. When words alone cannot fully communicate emotions and experiences, art therapy can help children and teens explore their feelings in a tangible, creative way.

Parent Consultations

We know that providing support to parents and caregivers is an important part of supporting children and teens. We offer parent consultations both in-person and via telemedicine* to parents and caregivers of children with cancer to discuss any concerns you may have about your child or teen and to determine the most helpful next steps. Parent consultations can be helpful for topics such as navigating the changes and challenges that may present and teaching parents skills to support their child or teen.

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Support Groups & Programs

Here are just a few of the programs we have to offer families with children and teens with cancer. Check our calendar for the most updated offerings!

Young Adult Cancer Support Group

This virtual meeting is a safe place for young adults (ages 16-23) who are on or off treatment to connect with others to share, listen, provide support, and discuss coping strategies.

Caregiver Connection for Pediatric Oncology

This monthly virtual group is for caregivers of children with cancer. We explore topics of concern, share practical advice from other parents and caregivers, and learn new ways to support your child while caring for yourself.

Young Adult Cancer Conference

This virtual conference for young adult cancer patients and survivors (ages 18-40ish) is an opportunity to learn about issues relevant to young adults, including sexual health, cancer survivorship issues, and more. The conference is free to attend, but registration is required.

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Education & Resources

Whether you need guidance around a specific topic or would like information about resources in the community, we are here to help guide you. We offer guidance to families, based on your needs. If you don't see your need specifically addressed on our website, please reach out to us, and we would be happy to discuss how we can support you!

*At this time, we are only able to provide telemedicine services to individuals living in Virginia and DC, due to license restrictions.

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