About Us

Life with Cancer, a program of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute, has become Northern Virginia’s leading cancer education and support organization. We offer a variety of programs and services for patients, survivors, and their family members to help individuals cope with cancer, its treatments, and survivorship in the best possible way.

At a Glance

  • Free: All programs and services are at no cost (except massage and psychiatry).
  • All inclusive: Open to all adults and children affected by cancer, no matter where treatment is received.
  • Easy access: No referrals needed (except for psychiatry); open weekdays and weeknights, with occasional events on weekends.
  • Skilled staff: Oncology nurse navigators and oncology therapists.
  • Community funded: 80 percent of our funding comes through community philanthropy.

Founded in 1988 by a man who lost his wife to cancer (see our history), our goal is to help you and your family live well, during and beyond your cancer treatment.

Anyone affected by cancer, including family and friends, is welcome to join us, no matter where the patient is treated. No referrals are needed.

Learn about our programs, services, and groups.

The Family Center

People come to the Dewberry Life with Cancer Family Center to learn how to deal with their cancer from day to day—and to regain quality of life for their families:

If you are affected by cancer, we invite you to connect with us—whether you're a patient, family member, or friend.