Head & Neck Cancers

Treatment for head and neck cancers often involves numerous and very significant physical and emotional challenges. Life with Cancer can help you navigate this difficult path.

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Find Support & Information

  • Contact us for personalized help. Speak with a skilled and caring oncology nurse navigator or oncology therapist who has experience working with individuals living with a head and neck cancer.
  • Attend our Head & Neck Cancers group. Connect, support, and learn valuable tips from others touched by this unique set of diagnoses. Discussion topics include the following:
    • Managing treatment side effects such as fatigue, pain, nausea, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, and skin changes.
    • Staging and procedures.
    • Methods of treatment: radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and clinical trials.
    • Food choices and managing a feeding tube.
    • Managing stress, anxiety, depression, alterations in body image, and fear of recurrence.
    • Returning to a normal life.
  • Register for programs that can help maintain physical and emotional health such as these:
    • Nutrition classes.
    • Yoga and other fitness programs.
    • Massage (there is a fee).
    • Meditation/guided imagery.
    • Look Good Feel Better.
    • Caregiver Connection group (for partners and caregivers).
    • Tools for Couples, a four-week series.
  • Consult with one of our therapists or your physician about getting a referral to see our psychiatrist/psycho-oncologist to assess mood and medication (for a fee).


  • National Cancer Institute: Discusses treatment, side effects, clinical trials, rehabilitation, and follow-up for a variety of head and neck cancers.
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