Mindful Minute: Movement is Medicine

October 15, 2020

Follow along with Life with Cancer Yoga Therapist, Susan Kilday, as she demonstrates range of motion exercises for optimal spinal health.

Mindful Minute: EZ Tai Chi – Fountains

October 8, 2020

Life with Cancer Fitness Instructor, Deb Banning, completes the EZ Tai Chi series with Fountains, a great exercise for starting a workout or a cool down.

Mindful Minute – EZ Tai Chi: Raise the Power

October 1, 2020

Life with Cancer Fitness Instructor, Deb Banning, along with her husband Charley, demonstrates a continuation of her EZ Tai Chi series.

Mindful Minute – EZ Tai Chi: Pouring, Swinging & Drumming

September 24, 2020

Life with Cancer Fitness Instructor, Deb Banning, along with her husband Charley, provides an easy lesson in Tai Chi that you can do anywhere.

COVID Cannot Stop Life with Cancer

September 17, 2020

Lasting. Un-Wavering. Commitment. Even through trying times, Life with Cancer strives to put our community first and foremost.

Nutrition Minute – Supplements

September 10, 2020

Life with Cancer Registered Dietitian, Lauren Fay, discusses the relationship between supplement use in regards to cancer prevention and treatment.

Mindful Minute – Knotty Neck

August 27, 2020

Life with Cancer Yoga Instructor, Denyse LeFever, provides some ways to relieve neck tension using mindful and gentle movements.

Fitness in a Minute – Cranky Knees

August 13, 2020

What are the best exercises for lower body strengthening for those who have knee pain? Life with Cancer Fitness Manager, Susan Gilmore, shows us 3 exercises for the lower body that won’t aggravate your knees.

The Oncology Nurse Navigators at Life with Cancer

August 7, 2020

Our Navigators are here for you. Life with Cancer Oncology Nurse Navigators can help individuals learn about their disease, treatment plans, side effects, procedures, clinical trials…and more.

Nutrition Minute – Sugar and Cancer

July 30, 2020

Registered Dietician, Lauren Fay, addresses the most common questions she receives regarding sugar and its effect on cancer.