Do You Know InDesign?

We need help with laying out our monthly calendar in a timely fashion. If you are skilled in using InDesign please contact us. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens and Others.

Life with Cancer does not have volunteer opportunities for children under the age of 18;  however, High School Students (ages 15+) may volunteer at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.  Volunteer opportunities for college students looking are also available at the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus. 

The 2019 Lobster Extravaganza is around the corner. Can you help?

•Thursday, May 2, 10am-2pm: Roll silverware, line bread baskets, inventory and clean centerpieces

•Friday, May 3, 10am-1: Place on tables: liners, cloths, centerpiece, and glassware

•Saturday May 4, 9am-1: Set 1,000 place settings!

Volunteer Your Reiki Skills

Provide individual Reiki treatments at the Life with Cancer Family Center in Fairfax, VA. Reiki volunteers must have completed Level III training and be available on the second Monday and/or fourth Friday of most months, 6-8pm. Documentation of having received MMR, Varicilla (chicken pox) and Dtap vaccines OR blood test showing immunity to those is required. Also required is a background check and  annual flu shot, TB test. For more information, please contact us.

Schar Gift Shop

Want to give your time to a fun place with a purpose?  Volunteer in the gift shop located at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute where every purchase provides 95% of the funds generated for grants, scholarships, and programs for the campus.  All you need is 4 hours a week, Monday – Friday 9-5.

To get started fill out the application and note your interest in the Schar gift shop: https://www.inova.org/get-involved/volunteer/inova-fairfax-hospital/index.jsp

Tea and Talk?

We are looking for some special people for a “Tea and Talk” volunteer opportunity at Inova’s infusion clinic near the Life with Cancer Family Center. These volunteers would talk with patients, bring them comfort items like snacks, blankets, etc and just give them some special attention. Potential volunteers must be comfortable in a medical environment where people are receiving chemotherapy treatments and be available for a daytime shift, Mon-Sat.  For more information, Please contact us.

Health Fair Volunteer Opportunities

Are you passionate about Inova’s Life with Cancer program? Do you like to engage people in conversation? If so, you would be the perfect person to represent us at community health fairs and events. We will provide in-depth training, at your convenience, so that you feel prepared. You can play a huge part in changing the narrative from, “How come I’ve never heard about Life with Cancer?” to “Yes! Life with Cancer provided great support during treatment and recovery!” Please contact us.

Volunteer at Special Eventsvolunteers

Our special events include dinners, races, fundraisers, and more. These events occur throughout the year, at various locations, on weekdays and weekends, and at various times of day. To add your name to our special events volunteer list or for more information, Please contact us.

Be a Breast Cancer Mentor

If you are a breast cancer survivor who is at least one year out of treatment and want to help another, become a mentor with Survivors Offering Support (SOS). You can guide a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient through a difficult time, giving valuable information, emotional support, encouragement, and a shoulder to lean on. For more information, please contact us.

Hold a Fundraiser

Host a bake sale, throw a party, do a walk-a-thon, host a dress down day at work—there are plenty of creative ways to raise money and support cancer patients and their loved ones. See fundraising ideas and planning tips.