Fundraising Ideas & Tips

Plan a Fundraiser

Inova Health Foundation's peer-to-peer fundraising platform gives you the ability to fundraise in support of Life with Cancer. Create your campaign, select Life with Cancer as beneficiary of your fundraiser, and invite your friends, family and co-workers to make a gift.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Keep a money jar around the house and put loose change in it.
  • Ask kids to donate their allowance for a week to the jar. They can also do additional chores to put more money in the jar.
  • Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to Life with Cancer. You can host a garage sale in your neighborhood and get the whole block involved! Ask friends and family to donate items to sell. Put up signs at the garage sale to let everyone know the proceeds are being donated to Life with Cancer.
  • Ask a local frozen yogurt place, ice cream shop or restaurant to host a benefit night. Invite friends to join you for ice cream and a percentage of the proceeds will go to support Life with Cancer. Be sure to spread the word! The more people who attend, the more money will be raised!
  • Do your kids attend private school? See if kids can donate $5 to wear something besides their uniform to school.
  • Host a movie night at your house. Ask people to donate to attend. Make it fun by doing it outdoors and projecting the movie on a sheet in the backyard.
  • Have a bake sale or lemonade stand on your street. Get the neighbors involved!
  • Clean the house for Life with Cancer! Ask your kids to do additional chores around the house to earn money to donate to Life with Cancer.
  • Clean out the console of your car. Donate all the loose change to Life with Cancer!
  • Host a bowling or golf tournament. Many local bowling venues will work with you to make the event a fundraiser. Donate the entry fees to Life with Cancer. You can have a silent auction to raise more money.
  • Have a game night with friends. Play your favorite games and ask people to make a donation to
  • Host a poker tournament or casino night. Ask people to pay to play, or to donate their winnings to Life with Cancer.
  • Ask a chef to host a cooking class or cook a special dinner. Donate the admission fee to Life with Cancer.
  • Host a dinner or murder mystery party and ask those who attend to make a donation.
  • Sell your used items on eBay, Amazon, etc. and donate the proceeds.
  • Matching gifts – make sure you submit for the match if your employer matches donations. Follow-up with those who donate to see if their employers match. This can double or even triple the donations!
  • Host a bake sale.
  • Host a vendor party. Invite Mary Kay consultants, Pampered Chef consultants etc and ask the consultants to donate some of the proceeds of the event.
  • Ask your employer if you can host a "casual day" at your office. Employees donate $5 to be able to "dress down" for the day.
  • Ask your employer if you can host a bag lunch day. Ask everyone to bring their own lunch and donate what they would have spent had they gone out to lunch.
  • Set out a donation box at your place of business or local restaurants.
  • Host a painting class. Companies will set-up the private event with you and donate a portion of the class fee.
  • Ask a local business or restaurant to donate a portion of their proceeds for a certain product or a certain day.
  • Schedule a pub trivia night and get the proceeds donated.
  • ASK! Then ask again!