Michelle Ferretti, LCSW, OSW-C

Manager of Research & Training, Integrative Psychosocial Oncology Program

Michelle Ferretti, LCSW, OSW-C began at Life with Cancer in 2015. Her current focus is on research and training, specifically regarding integrative oncology and Life with Cancer’s unique Integrative Psycho-Oncology Program (IPOP), a four-program curriculum designed to build emotional coping skills utilizing cognitive, mindfulness-based, and contemplative perspectives. Michelle has played many roles (coordinator, facilitator, facilitator trainer, and researcher) in her 7-year experience with the curriculum. She has trained over 40 Life with Cancer and external psychosocial professionals to facilitate programs within the IPOP curriculum. Michelle leads a multi-institution research team exploring the efficacy and cultural relevance of the first program of the IPOP curriculum and is a co-investigator on a research team studying measurement of and interventions for brain fog, or cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI). Michelle co-created a multidisciplinary program addressing brain fog, discussing the role mind-body interventions and lifestyle choices in supporting brain function and developed a program called “Body, Mind & Breath: An Introduction to Qigong.”

Michelle earned her B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley and her Master of Social Work from Catholic University’s National Catholic School of Social Service and completed the NCI-funded University of Michigan’s Integrative Oncology Scholars program in 2020. Michelle has presented at national conferences and been invited to speak on topics including the role of psychosocial interventions in physical and emotional side effect management, caregiving, and cancer-related cognitive impairment.