Mind Over Matter (MOM) for Black & African American Women: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in this study. What happens next?

Enrollment in this study is now closed.  For additional information, email mindovermatter@inova.org.

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What to expect if I participate in MOM?

  • Mind Over Matter is an online, or virtual, program that is led by two experienced oncology clinical social workers. The group will include 5-12 people.  You will meet for 5 weeks for an hour and a half each week.
  • During each weekly session, you will be taught different coping tools, given an opportunity to try out the tools with the group, and have group discussions. Therefore, you will be encouraged to attend all five sessions, acknowledging that sometimes schedules change.
  • You will be asked to turn on the video camera (to support confidentiality) when participating online.
  • You will be encouraged to practice the tools you are learning in class between classes.
  • You will be asked to complete pre-program and post-program surveys before the first MOM session (during the pre-program orientation) and after the last one. It should not take you more than 30 minutes to complete the surveys.
  • If a participant participates in 4 or 5 of the 5 available sessions, and completes the pre and post surveys they will receive a $50 Target gift card.

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What will the Program/Technology Orientation be like?

The one-hour program orientation is an opportunity to meet the facilitators and group members, hear a brief introduction to Mind Over Matter, complete the pre-survey, and get familiar with Microsoft Teams. If you are familiar with Microsoft Teams, you can leave the meeting before the tech portion of the orientation. If connecting to Microsoft Teams is challenging, participants can call in on the phone for this session and the facilitators can help you connect to the platform, so you are ready for the MOM session.  We will go over how to turn on your camera, how to blur the background on the camera, change your name (in case you are using another family member’s Microsoft Teams account to connect), mute and unmute, and access the chat function.

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What will the optional focus group be like?

The focus group is an optional structured one-and-a-half-hour group session designed to give the opportunity for MOM participants to give their feedback on the experience of taking MOM. The focus group will be led by the patient advocate on the research team and another research team member. These focus group facilitators will not be a part of the facilitation of the MOM sessions. The audio from this group will be recorded so that the researchers can ensure that they take all the feedback offered by the participants. You will not be identified, and the recording will be destroyed to protect your privacy.

  • If you participate in the focus group, an additional $10 Target gift card will be offered.

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Will I get paid for participation in this study?

  • There is no formal pay for participation in this study.
  • However, as a token of appreciation the research team is giving a $50 Target gift card for completion of the pre and post survey and 4 or 5 MOM sessions.
  • There is an additional $10 Target gift card given to anyone who completes the optional focus group after the last session of MOM.

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What if I self-identify as mixed race?

Identity and racial identity are not distinct categories, but more a combination of integrated and intersecting identities. If you self-identify as mixed race and one of those races is Black or African American, you would meet the eligibility requirements of this study and are welcome to participate if you wish.

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What if I identify as non-binary?

If you self-identify as female in any way, you would meet the eligibility requirements of this study and are welcome to participate if you wish.

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I am still taking endocrine therapy (i.e. Tamoxifen or Aromatase Inhibitor) or other maintenance treatment (i.e. Herceptin or Pembro) for my breast cancer, can I participate?

Many women with hormone positive breast cancer are on endocrine therapy (oral hormone blocking pills) for 5-10 years as maintenance treatment.  If you are finished with active treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) then you are eligible for the study.

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What if I just have a smartphone?

  • A computer is recommended for participation in this study and the MOM intervention. MOM materials will be available from a website, and it is suggested that participants download the materials to practice using them between sessions. It is also helpful to have the materials available at the same time that you are participating in the MOM session. Downloading them will allow you to use these tools after MOM ends.
  • You can connect to the MOM session via smartphone but may not be able to see the group members during the session like you would be able to if on a computer.
  • If you only have a smartphone it would be possible, but much harder, to participate.

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Will anyone have access to my health record?

No, no one will access your health records.

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Is there a deadline for when I can enroll?

Enrollment for this study is now closed.

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How do I know the schedule of when MOM is offered?

Enrollment for this study is now closed.

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What if I decide I don’t want to participate after signing the consent or starting the program?

Your participation is 100% voluntary, and you can remove yourself from the study at any time. We ask that you inform the study team if you decide to withdraw.

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What organizations are participating in this research?

Research Team: Inova Life with Cancer, Howard University Cancer Center, University of Louisville, and University of Houston.





Collaborators: Tigerlily Foundation, VCU Massey Cancer Center


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Meet the Research Team

Study Principal Investigator

Michelle Ferretti, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C



Co- Principal Investigator

Jennifer Bires, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C



Site Principal Investigator(s) (PI):

Teletia Taylor, PhD



Co-Investigator & Statistician:

Karlynn BrintzenhofeSzoc, PhD, MSW, FAOSW



Co- Investigator

Chiara Acquati, PhD, LMSW, FAOSW



Patient Advocate

Tianja Grant, MSW, CRS



Clinical Research Coordinator

Kelly O’Neil, MS



Regulatory Specialist

Natasha Raja, MS


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